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"Thank you to Pinnacle and all your staff who worked so hard to complete the project for our new facility. The facility size and short timeline pushed everyone to their limits but the efforts paid off and our move was successful. Pinnacle went out of their way to meet this aggressive timeline and your team was very flexible and accommodated all of our team members. Thanks to your company and you for making this a great project, on time and within budget."

Al Hart, Executive VP of Engineering
Modern Videofilm

Video Surveillance and Access Control

Pinnacle can help you design a secure and reliable solution for your video surveillance and access control needs.

  • Site Surveys, Design and Engineering
  • Project Management and Planning
  • Installation and Support
  • Annual Maintenance and Support Plan
  • 24/7 Support

Our team is trained and certified to install various systems from a simple system to full turnkey analysis and facial recognition applications. Pinnacle is one of the few companies that provide facial recognition solutions for securing your business and your operation.

Electronic Access Control

Whether you need a complex access control system or a simple stand-alone device, we have all the solutions and products to meet your needs. We offer an extensive line of products and solutions from leading manufacturers.

  • Card Readers, Keypads
  • Biometric Hand Geometry Readers
  • Retinal Scanners
  • Facial Recognition Systems
  • IP Based and Analog Systems
  • Application Customization
  • Facial Recognition Systems

Video Surveillance/CCTV

We design, install & support secure, reliable and cost effective IP based Video Surveillance systems.

This allows every employee with security rights and a secure password to view each camera at their office or even remotely.