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"We were under a very tight timeframe to move the tenant into their newspace. Pinnacle’s work was especially difficult to cable the entire premises,test, and install fiber. Typically fiber installation and cabling takes 3-4 weeks. Pinnacle worked with the rest of my team to complete cabling installation for hundreds of people including riser cabling, data center build-out technology relocation for and this project in under 10 days. I appreciated the sense of urgency and professionalism. I would highly recommend Pinnacle to my current or future clients!"

Mr. Gregory Lovett,
Senior Manager
Cushman & Wakefield

Pinnacle Goes Green

The Pinnacle Go Green Initiative is aimed at reducing waste and implementing energy-reducing steps company-wide and for our clients. As part of the initiative the Go Green Committee tackles challenges to implement ecofriendly processes. They provide reports to our executive staff and update the staff during departmental meetings.

At Pinnacle, our goals are to give the utmost attention to reducing our environmental impact of our operations and solutions, over their whole life cycle by optimizing energy and natural resource consumption and by proposing recycling solutions during project implementations and ongoing support.

We offer solutions and products that both help our clients as well as reducing our carbon footprint.

Pinnacle is committed to meeting our current environmental requirements and exceeding them.


  • Assistance with LEED certification by designing energy efficient IT Infrastructure and documentation for LEED certification
  • Product Waste Management and control during the entire project cycle