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"We were looking for a firm with a working knowledge of 'Best Practices' – our requirements included an understanding of codes, industry standards and real world conditions.

Pinnacle is one of the few companies who have earned the right to boast of this anomaly, especially in an industry filled with mediocrity and bottomless salesmanship."

Steve Miano, Principal
PlanNet Consulting

Data Center & IT Infrastructure Design/Build Services



Our experienced designers and project managers listen to your business objectives and requirements and build your data center to ensure your information technology needs are met. We ask you how much space is needed, who will have access to what, and how the facility will grow in the years to come. Recommendations are then made for the most

effective technology you can use to build your information technology infrastructure.

Our team of Registered Telecommunication Project Managers (RTPM), Data Center Design Consultants (DCDC), BICSI RCDDs and CAD designers will create a solution that is specific to your business needs.

We engineer the infrastructure and determine the requirements of your facility. We then develop a plan indicating various required elements. Our team of experts is capable of building your data center per the design approved by your team.

Data center efficiency, power and cooling management are one primary issue facing Facilities and IT managers. The energy management dilemma is complex and the cost of energy is increasing in addition to the demand. Facilities and IT managers are eager to implement one or more tools to manage their cooling efficiency and capacity.

Pinnacle's aisle management solutions enhance your data center's efficiency by developing plans that best suits your individual needs, optimize critical IT equipment and create spatial flexibility for your data center management team.

  • Increase rack/enclosure capacity
  • Increase cooling efficiency
  • Decrease energy consumption
  • Decrease space requirements
  • Increase reliability
  • Decrease system downtime
  • Decrease overall operational cost
  • Increase ROI